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Due to the CAN-SPAM laws, you’ll want to make sure you get those off your subscriber list before you send another email out.The good news is, Mail Chimp has a way for you to add these addresses, quickly, to a suppression list that will essentially remove them from your list. Add your email addresses to an Excel file as shown below.NOTE: Each time you send a bulk email with Click Dimensions, we will query for your entire list of Unsubscribe records so we can be sure not to send to them.

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If you have tens of thousands of email addresses to suppress, a method that will make future email jobs faster is to instead set the Bulk Email field on the Contact and/or Lead records to Do Not Allow.

This requires a little more work by your CRM partner up front, but will make your email jobs faster later on down the road.

However, in version 8.2.0, Click Dimensions also added support for suppression lists to Email Sends.

If you would also like to import your list into CRM and add it to Email Sends as a suppression list, see our article on adding recipients to an Email Send.

If you need to view previous updates made on the shared suppression lists, click 'Update history'.

This will show you the date the changes were made, and when the share was completed.Next, we want to export this file as a CSV, so click on the File menu. Make sure that the “CSV or tab-delimited text file” radio button is selected, then click on Next Step: Setup. Also, make sure you click the “I understand my billing plan” check box.Don’t let it fool you — there aren’t a lot of steps. Now we’re going to open that text file you just saved from Excel. Just remember, you’re removing addresses, not adding, and your billing goes against your subscribers, not your number of unsubscribed addresses. Double check that you have the Unsubscribed radio button selected.Suppression list synchronisations are not instant and take place on a daily basis across accounts, so allow up to 24 hours for your list to become fully shared.You can change the accounts that are using the shared list at any time, by revisiting this page.Many of our new customers made the switch to Click Dimensions from another Marketing Automation vendor, and they are always excited to start using all of the powerful features of Click Dimensions right away.Click Dimensions makes it easy to make the switch and maintain great deliverability.You don’t want to add these address, you want to remove them.Also make sure you select the auto update checkbox — you should do this any time you import a list, btw. You’ll be sent to the page for the list you’re importing to. First, you’ll get confirmation of the number of address that were successfully added to your unsubscribed list at the top. If you have addresses that should be suppressed from other lists, you’ll need to go through the process again to add those.With Click Dimensions you can easily use the built‐in functionality in CRM to clean up your marketing lists and have a great first email campaign.Click Dimensions will not send to an email address where there is a matching Unsubscribe record, whether it is linked to the Contact or Lead or not.


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