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t was only after John was naked and tied to her bed that Samantha asked him where he’d been the previous night.

He’d agreed to be her date to a glittering charity event, a seemingly appropriate venture for a couple that had been dating for several weeks.

Teens might reveal that when no one is looking their partner regularly curses at them, demeans them, slaps them, or makes them feel afraid of saying ' No.' Often teens recognize that they don't feel good or comfortable with these behaviors, but they need confirmation that what they've been experiencing is wrong.

"We see a lot of light bulb moments, like, ' Oh, I've been abused before,'" said WAA Educator Jessica Lewis.

Working as an attorney for an insurance company, Jessica longed for a way to give back.

Believing that there are few things more valuable than receiving a quality education, Jessica decided she would research volunteer op...But if she found a sugar daddy attractive: “I mean not to say that I wouldn’t be willing to have sex with somebody, but not just right off the bat,” she said. “I’m, you know, willing to be explicit about your physical needs,” she said.But based on her experiences with other men from the site, any talk about sex without money was a dealbreaker. "Awareness needs to be raised," said Perry, so that adults and teens are able to recognize and respond to teen dating violence when it occurs.One of the most important thing adults can do is listen without making assumptions and believe what teens are saying.They might have reached that conclusion earlier but they didn't get the right feedback from adults or peers.Teachers, counselors and administrators in the school might not take teen dating violence seriously.Recent national surveys documenting the sheer prevalence of teen dating violence have propelled action by school administrators and teachers.They are reaching out to agencies like Women Against Abuse to provide training to teachers and students in recognition of the need for increased awareness. "Now they're recognizing it is a big issue." *** Women Against Abuse educators are mandated reporters of child abuse.Teens feel more comfortable reaching out to friends, who likewise have little experience with dating.Teen social networks are often poorly equipped to respond to dating violence because adults have not had conversations with youth about healthy relationships.


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