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Larry climbed down off of Lily, who was covered in a dried glaze of his salty-sweet piss. Elation overwhelmed Lily as her piss stream exploded with a force that initially overshot the front of the diaper and onto the toweled recliner. " Larry commanded after allowing Lily to relieve some of her pain. " Lily cried and begged, "I didn't mean to overshoot the diaper. Larry grabbed her ass by the sides to scoot her closer to the edge so that her pussy was over the side of the chair.

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It's far more comfortable than a cold shed and I've got a nice bong back at the house." "Deal! The truck was parked at a nearby garage and Larry's home just a short walk away. " Larry demands as he hands her a diaper, "but like I said, you're not going until AFTER I'm done. Lily turns around to face the door in a desperate attempt for some sort of privacy as she unbuttons her pants. " Larry commands as a firm smack lands across her ass. His hands explored the sides of her stomach and around to her back while he licked and kissed on her neck.

I really can't pay you though." His energy level quickly perked up and he had a little more bounce in his step. I can't outright sell pot cookies, but you see all these magnets that look like a cookie with my logo on them?

She was younger than him by a few years and he knew that conversing with a cute, grateful little princess like her would make the remaining half-hour ride home that much more bearable. The inside of his truck comforted her with it's overwhelming smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Technically, I'm selling them for and the cookie is free.

The company name was "Gluteny is a Sin" and below, it said, "A Philadelphia tradition since 2015." As he was leaving, she saw his shirt and got excited. " she asked, "I could really use a ride if you are.

I live in Manayunk and I've been stranded here a few hours.


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