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If you require assistance, please contact customer support.Four egocentric friends who run a neighborhood Irish pub in Philadelphia try to find their way through the adult world of work and relationships.

For all the selfish, despicable, and borderline criminal behavior Charlie, Mac (Rob Mc Elhenney) and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) exhibit on a weekly basis, this episode gave us a glimpse of a softer, kinder group of guys usually wreaking havoc in Philadelphia. The date went about as well as you'd expect if one of the parties was covered in flop sweat and hornet stings and mispronounced his fake occupation of "Philanthropist" as "Full-on Rapist." By the way, those stings came from Charlie's attempt to extract honey from the hornets by smoking them to death with a tube and a cardboard box.

Mac and Dennis found out that the Waitress was getting married, but rather than tell Charlie and break his heart (and potentially cause him to go postal), they convinced him to move on and try Internet dating. And no, he didn't believe Mac and Dennis when they told him hornets don't produce honey.

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Mac and Dennis showed some compassion by trying to help their friend get over the Waitress, while Charlie, still delusional, performed a selfless act on her behalf without any promise of a reward.

In an episode full of predictable (yet really funny) behavior, the fact that those guys could act somewhat humane was a nice surprise.

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