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Then read on until the end of this “American Idol” notes article, because we’re starting things off with what was basically Jessica Sanchez’s version of a Reddit AMA, though she did it on her Facebook page.While most of […]Do you love “American Idol,” and videos featuring some of its most-notable former contestants?

Candice Glover […]As we come to an end on this Monday, why not share a few more highlights from the “American Idol” world?

There may not be a lot currently transpiring with us being firmly rooted in the off-season, but here are a few highlights to enjoy.

If you find yourself answering “yes” to both of these questions, we imagine that you will enjoy this edition of “American Idol” notes even more so than most.

First off, why not start with news about the most-recent winner?

Not surprisingly, Lee De Wyze and Crystal Bowersox dominated the night.

And, surprisingly, for the second straight week, Tim Urban -- the guy who had been this close to getting eliminated several times in the past few weeks, and who originally wasn't even selected to be in the semi-finals -- showed remarkable improvement and actually out-performed most of the other contestants. • "Big Mike" Lynche ("In The Ghetto") -- Finally, finally....The end result was a solid performance that earned high praise from all of the judges (and probably had millions of teenage girls swooning at home)."You managed to go from zero to hero in two weeks," raved Simon Cowell, while Kara Dio Guardi said it was "probably my favorite Tim performance ever -- it was authentic, real, from your heart," and had a "current, singer-songwriter" feel.There are few times that we would ever use the word “adorable” to describe a music video, but for those of you questioning the word choice in this context, we have one piece of advice for you: Just watch what Lee De Wyze did with “Fight” below!You’ll understand so much better where we are coming […]Kelly’s Christmas album – We’re sure that there are plenty of people out there who wished that Kelly Clarkson had done this sooner: A full Christmas album rather than just some little releases here and there and this is the year that it is happening.“Frames” comes out a week from Tuesday, but Billboard gives you an opportunity today to check out all of the songs in full […]A new Lee De Wyze performance – Now that the August 20 release date for Lee’s sophomore album “Frames” is ever closer, we’re having an opportunity to see some more promotional appearances from him. ) The latest performances that we have for you from the “American Idol” winner comes via AXS TV, where he […]This edition of “American Idol” notes is all about some guys who have fared rather well on the show, and we begin with something for those of you who happen to be pretty enormous fans of Lee De Wyze: He’s offering up another free download!If you head over to the link here, you can get […]Want to know what’s with the old “Dancing with the Stars” pair working together yet again?Some of the contestants didn't follow through on all of Lambert's tips and, in some cases, it seemed to have paid off (Tim Urban did not end his song with a falsetto, as Lambert had encouraged him to do, but Tim's spin on his tender Elvis song actually worked fine) and in other cases it may have hurt (Andrew Garcia slowed up the tempo a little too much on "Hound Dog" and looked corny prancing around the stage with a vintage mic stand in his hands.) Overall, the night of Elvis songs wasn't as innovative or electrifying as last week's Lennon-Mc Cartney night.But several performances were solid, and only a few sunk down to karaoke mediocrity.He didn't urge little Aaron Kelly to wear a leather body suit, and he didn't push Texas rocker Casey James to touch up his face with lip gloss and eye liner. Lambert, the multi-talented runner-up from season 8, and the first former finalist to return to Idol as a singing coach, actually did a decent job dishing out helpful tips to the nine finalists of season 9.I don't think he was quite as motivating as Usher was a few weeks ago, but Lambert was not afraid to give blunt assessments of the singers' weaknesses, and I admire him for that.


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