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Discussion at Talk: Karoo Supergroup#Merge from Karoo System).

Discussion at Talk: Karoo Supergroup#Merge from Karoo System).

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Helens article because they have an interest in its geology, or because big bangs are exciting, and this was the biggest in recent US history?

by Chris Anderson You wake up and check your email on your bedside i Pad — that's one app.

Yet as an academic, Kugel teaches that the academic approach to the Bible yields a Bible as a product of the Ancient Near East, full of contradictions, flawed and imperfect.

This anthology called the Hebrew Bible is interesting for the same reasons that any cultural expression produced by human beings is interesting: because it contains attempts by human beings to explore fundamental questions.

(I'm not saying that's not a valid reason for viewing the article, nor that the eruption and its geology aren't connected, but rather as a Wiki Project it isn't possible to know an article might get a lot of hits, and there are likely to be factors involved which have little to do with the Wiki Project's focus.) Another example is Yellowstone National Park, which I think is likely to get views as a result of being arguably the most famous US National Park, but not necessarily because of the geological aspects.

Another example: Subduction as a topic is probably less interesting to general readers than tsunami, simply by virtue of the fact that it's the tsunami that kills people and features in countless videos in news media - news programmes never broadcast headlines stating people have been killed by subduction, even though of course tsunamis are frequently caused by it.

You can become big fast, and that favors the domination of strong people."Milner sounds more like a traditional media mogul than a Web entrepreneur.

If we're moving away from the open Web, it's at least in part because of the rising dominance of businesspeople more inclined to think in the all-or-nothing terms of traditional media than in the come-one-come-all collectivist utopianism of the Web.

Kugel treats the Torah as a sacred text, to be read reverentially and approached with devotion reflecting the will of God.

Much of Kugel’s career has been devoted to studying how the Bible has been read over the ages as scripture by religious communities.


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