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So I guess its the waiting game for now fellas....... I really don't care about my stats as starting from fresh is allways fun, though, now there is only few players in the servers and no xp is being saved, so you can't even level up.EA do something, that's the best BF for me and i can't play it. Even the bf:bc2 website has my stats reset :( I don't cheat or anything online so I don't know what could have happened.

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I then quit, restarted the game, logged back in and my MP stats were all back.

I bought game about week ago, have been leveling up for few days but today when i started game, my stats are reset and all weapons locked. Thank you again for your understanding and your patience. HAVE WINXP PRO / with 2GB GRAPH CARD, I've been told by other players that it's a bug that happens sometimes when EA servers are acting up.

I was playing BF: BC2 on my PS3 and my game save got overwritten somehow and all my online stats got reset. I know I can't recover the SP data, not a big deal, but... Will it autorecover them after a little while or do I need to do something special.

It seems my entire save file was completely overwritten with a blank/default save file my the game.

After finding out it wasn't the server, there had been many complaints. EA has verified that all stats that were lost, won't be recorded. This is a random occurrence and it MAY not happen to you.

According to them, the problem is getting worse though so beware that your stats might not be recorded.My SP save is still gone but at least the MP stuff is back.I had to start the game, log in, join a match (still no stats at this point).I have same problem, but i played over 540 hours, i am Level 49 in rankings, 112'000ndst Rank, but on my Home stats of GAME i have Level 1 ? I played for over 3 years first time, never a problem, and now this... I was also told to be patient and my stats will be recovered soon.I logged in today and "POOF" all weapons and stats LOST,,, even if i go INGAME,,, i can't see any RANKS.. I actually looked up my stats through the browser and I still have everything that I had prior to the issues. Since the EA server re-sync monday night I have lost everything. Even if you go in game and play, all the points are not saved.level 1, no stats, i'm frustrated this should never of happened. i've got few acc with stupid ours spent in the game.Do not worry, the same thing happens to all of us at the moment. I fired up the game in the morning before work, and I got correct stats.After waiting a few days and logging in again my MP stats are back.On this Battlefield 2142 stats website you will find all the information about the game and stats.I've been looking around on different forums to see the reason for this issue and came across this appears this has happened before, and it looks like it will only get worse before it gets better. Oh, and for those who don't want to read it, this person has contacted his server owner and received a new server.But if you e-mailed support they could reclaim the account and give you your points and unlocks back.I'm guessing you can also do the same thing with BFBC2.


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