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The court plays no role in criminal investigations. Criminal investigations are conducted by the Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies, which are both part of the executive branch.

If a case is not settled, the court will proceed to a trial.

Most civil cases are terminated by settlement or dismissal without a trial.

Other motions focus on the discovery process, addressing disputes over what information is subject to the discovery rules, protecting the private or privileged nature of certain information, or urging the court to preserve evidence for use at trial.

A "motion for summary judgment" argues that there are no disputed factual issues for a jury to resolve, and urges the judge to decide the case based solely on the legal issues.

The court may appoint a federal public defender (a full-time federal official appointed by the court of appeals), a community public defender (a member of a community-based legal aid organization funded by a grant from the judiciary), or a private attorney who has agreed to accept such appointments from the court.

Deed, dark, tired, deep, term, flour, ten, first, sour, mete, turn, our, tin, fur, during, feet, cry, here, time, deer, herb, my, care, curl, pit, pine, pure, stern, five, mire, farm, bus, type, risk, window, noisy, yellow, scout, hair, food, feet, tool, icy, court, citizen, six, exam, ceremony, shy, wrest, bang, faith, lack, these, thin, theme, which, ring, what, whose, coy, look, pool, news, beer, voice, chill, quiz. Each district court, by statute, is required to have in place a plan for providing competent attorneys to represent defendants who cannot afford their own attorneys.

The information obtained by the pretrial services officer or probation officer will be used to help a judge decide whether to release the defendant into the community before trial and whether to impose conditions of release.

After a person is arrested, a pretrial services officer or probation officer of the court immediately interviews the defendant and conducts an investigation of the defendant’s background.

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