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She currently has 17 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

Our records show that Lilli White status is currently unknown which means we are unaware if she is making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photo shoots at this time.

I’m going to see someone soon….someone who drives me fucking wild. In fact it was shortly after we first met that I got my first Queen of Spades tattoo (now I have three).

I have no other way of saying it – he turns me on so much I almost lose my mind. He has the perfect balance of respecting me but still pushes my boundaries in a way that makes me feel comfortable with it. I definitely want him to be one of the 5 on my wedding night. Time to get a pedicure, my nails and hair done, my body waxed…

Those things can encourage the brain either to see the ambient light as daylight-coloured or night-coloured.

But you’re also wired to see the colours one way or the other, according to some explanations of the dress. Those are the two different kinds of cells that are in your eyes, and allow the brain to see colours.

And even when we’re just texting I get so caught up in it all that I find myself closing my eyes, tilting my head back and just completely getting lost in it all.

The things we talk about…hot and so dirty…god…this is all very distracting now. He sends me pics of him and I literally can’t handle how hot they make me.

But the dress – blue and black, or white and gold – somehow confuses this system, it seems.

Some brains look at the dress and attempt to discount the blue bit – something like the ambient light of night time.


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