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With a permanent population of just 5,000 people and an influx of southerners and backpackers in the winter months, does this mean that Byron Bay singles have a tougher time finding love?True dating chemistry, the kind that lumbers you a babbling idiot and ties your stomach up in knots, is something that’s hard to come by.

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He saw so many come and go, he weathered the AIDS crisis, drugs, tax investigations, and burn out.

He’s had his own film production company several times, including the controversial Extreme Associates which he started with his best friend Rob Black, which featured rough sex and ultimately legal charges for obscenity.

He’s appeared in literally thousands of films, and he’s directed, produced, and edited hundreds too.

He dated Traci Lords when it was revealed that she was underage in one of the biggest scandals ever to hit the adult film industry.

His life story resembles the history of the adult film industry since the beginning of the video age, during which time he’s won just about every kind of adult film award going and is in every Hall of Fame invented by the industry.

He’s appeared in literally thousands of films, and he’s directed, produced, and edited hundreds too. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ If you’ve followed us for long here at The Rialto Report, you know how much we respect and admire actors like Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, George Payne, and others.

He tried his hand at launching a music career as a singer, and even formed a wrestling company, Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

He saw the industry re-invent itself – several times, and all the time he kept working and making more films. * In this podcast, Tom refers to the effect that the Frontline documentary, ‘American Porn‘, had on Extreme Associates, the business he owned with Rob Black.


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