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Keep reading → book) brings you “Modern Masters”, a group exhibition featuring 12 contemporary art masters within the realms of graffiti, urban art, painting, illustration, design and photography.With 6 local, South African artists as well as 6 international stalwarts (including Moody.

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The simplest form, the artist signature, commonly called a ‘tag’ is more correctly termed a ‘hand-style’. The challenge of bringing Street Art to a gallery is the challenge of translating subversion of style, transgression of place and divergence of meaning within a frame that reduces the possibilities of the media – surface texture, lighting, movement, context – whilst also inhibiting the movement of the gaze, the path through the city that was also a reading of Street and Art.

Transgression and movement must therefore be found within the works that are displayed.

Keep reading → The next edition of urban art festival, Jidar Toiles de Rue, is about to unfold in Morocco.

We thought it best to recap last years event with its vibrant street murals and extensive exhibition at the Rabat Museum of Contemporary Art… Graphik Island is a blog and platform that promotes art and urban cultures around Tunisia and North African, as well as the rest of the world.

It claims its space unashamedly, forcing us to question its existence, to contest its existence, and when we cannot provide any adequate rationalization for why it shouldn’t exist, we must eventually accept it.

It forces us to come to terms with our rapidly diminishing space for free expression in the constant commodification of culture and its continued containment in easy-to-ignore categories of constraint: fashion, entertainment, exhibition, publication.

A transcript in the Telegraph showed Hackwood’s frustration after he was continuously stalled by one of Sky’s operatives, Rachael, while talking to her online.

She constantly tried to sell him packages even though he said he wanted to leave the service.

Graffiti Festival takes place this weekend on the streets of Kampala in Uganda.

Hosted by Sparrow from Monk256 Crew, the event will showcase a number of local and international urban artists…


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