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At the time of WWII, no nation was able to build a remote-controlled "drone" that could be used as a flying target, evolving like a human-driven airplane in a air combat.This gun was not used as a air combat fighter airplane type setting .And let's not even get into "poor taste" as it relates to the current welfare recipient in the WH.. Bolton - Well, it wasn't you who said it, so you're still clean in my book.

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The piece is highly prized by collectors, and there's a nearly identical model in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, which would make this a Model 2 with (possibly) the same 75mm Hexar lens.

The version on e Bay looks a bit more beat up than the Smithsonian's camera, but still in great shape.

Last time I checked, there weren't any such laws being introduced by the Left. What about a white supremacist makes him a right winger or speaking for the majority of conservatives? Both my grandfathers fought in a war against the Nazis. Here, let me Snopes this for you, with a quote: " Over the past decade, extremists of every stripe have killed 372 Americans.

In fact, there have been exactly ZERO arrests of Left Wing protestors for violence. No violence, except by anarchists (NOT Left wing) and proud boys making trouble. White Supremacists are shooting and killing people. Left wingers want universal healthcare and for it to be illegal to kill trans people. 74 percent of those killings were committed by right wing extremists.

I had one of these but kept getting hassled at airport security when I tried to fly with it in my hand luggage.

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Sold it to a press photographer for the White House and assured him he will be fine using it.According to International Military Antiques and Photo Gear-Heads, these cameras would be mounted in airplanes instead of the real thing as a way to train new gunners.When the trigger is pressed, the camera would begin snapping 18x24mm pictures on 35mm cine film loaded in 2.5m strips.To find out more about this crazy camera, or if you wanna go ahead and pick up a very rare piece of military and photographic memorabilia, head on over to the e Bay auction.And if you have more information about this very interesting bit of kit, drop us a line in the comments.Must be why it is implied to be "masculine" to be using big photography gear, and / or lots of it.:)Terry Breedlove, Do you really think that aviators regularly train by shooting real ammo on flying targets ? Flying targets are used to test new weapons, rockets or missiles...The seller, Westborn Camera Co, claims the camera "is in overall excellent condition, especially considering it was used during war-time," and still works as far as they can tell.In the listing, Westborn writes: The camera is going for a Buy It Now price of ,500, which seems a tiny bit high based on the limited research we've done. Closed e Bay listings from the past few years went for anywhere between 5 and ,100, and a similar model auctioned in 2014 went for 1,600 Euro (~,100 USD by the average 2014 exchange rate).I'm not sure what they're proud of, but anyway.. ' Proud boys walking around protests stirring trouble to make it look like lefties are? Only 2 percent of those deaths were at the hands of left wing extremists."From this article: https:// four percent versus two percent. The Nazis weren't socialists anymore than East Germany was Democratic.Do go on, however, and tell me they are [email protected] - you just said left wingers didn't do anything wrong. And yet, there have been arrests of left wingers, something you said hasn't happened. I said that the left is starting to resort to tactics that are against their very core values. And, there is NOTHING ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY THAT IS LEFT WING. And don't try to trot out that "But the Dems used to be like the Repubs today!


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