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The amount of scientific research about fitness is overwhelming, but the easy tips below will have you feeling and looking like you belong at the gym: Prepare for Success Find time to workout.

At the beginning of each week, look over your schedule, decide when you can realistically workout, and write it down in your organizer.

Drugs Are Bad and Too Smart for Strangers are especially prone to this.

Compare Lost Aesop, which tries to set up an Aesop but forgets about it by the end.

You should include both protein and carbohydrates in your pre-workout meal, for example half a grilled chicken sandwich, non-fat Greek yogurt, or turkey slices with an apple.

Workout like a Boss Forget the whole debate on which is better – cardio or weight lifting? The trick to a successful workout is to switch it up, make it challenging, and make it fun enough that you want to go back!But remember, if a Twinkie weighs more than your dumbbell, you are going to see results! Similar to your pre-workout meal, try to eat foods that contain both carbs and proteins within a half hour or hour of leaving the gym.After a workout your metabolism is in overdrive, so I like to take this opportunity to eat something a little sweet or savory, like a chocolate protein shake or some whole wheat pasta.If you can easily go through your entire workout without sweating, then it’s time to increase the intensity!For most women, weight lifting is about as easy to understand as guy’s feelings.Many are afraid of “bulking up” and as a result do countless hours of cardio without seeing any results.I have been weight training for years and I still don’t have muscles like a man! Make sure you treat your body to some serious TLC after a hard workout.Compare Space Whale Aesop, as there is an awful lot of crossover.See also some examples of And Knowing Is Half the Battle, Very Special Episode, Do Not Do This Cool Thing, and You Can Panic Now.Our i Phones contain countless apps that provide simple, animated step-by-step instructions for performing different exercises. Search “Leg exercises or workout exercises” and you’ll be bootylicious in no time!Also, websites, like You Tube, contain tons of pre-designed workouts and exercises organized by body part. Don’t worry if your pre-workout meal has the proper ratio of “macros”, I mean wasn’t that a class in college anyway?


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