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I am educated, I have good morals, and I don’t try to rub my homosexuality in people’s faces.Even the most conservative, church-going individuals have been kind and courteous to me.

I need my partner to have the same religious views as myself.

I go to a church that's a very large, one of the fastest growing churches in America currently, and they are open in the sense of "non judgment" but they would hold onto the "traditional" approach to homosexuality in the Bible.

When you have an idea in mind of what you’d like to write about, you seek out websites that fit your “niche.” The successful writing gurus will all tell you that your niche is your number one target when you’re starting out as a new writer.

I decided the best niche to write about would be somewhere in the LGBT bracket.

My hope, as a writer, is to present a different side to homosexuality than the one that is portrayed in the liberal media. I’m simply a female who just so happens to like other females — or rather, one, actually.

In October of 2016, I’ll be getting married to the love of my life.The article was even trickled with paltry excuses from the plaintiff’s lawyer, whose explanation of the loss was due to a “very conservative jury.” The lawyer even goes on to mention that “[w]hen the judge asked what social and civic groups the jurors belonged to…10 out of 12 said they [were] active in a church.” While I can agree with my LGBT brethren that conservatism and religion can play a large part in homophobia, the liberal media only perpetuates this homophobia.The left has no intention of ever seeing peace among the LGBT community and conservatives. I’d like to state, however, that there has never been a time where I excused homophobic behavior, it’s just that my perception of homophobia tends to vary from others’.There is no such thing as “equality” when everyone seems to have different ideas of what the actual term entails. I was raised in a Catholic household and learned how to be a respectful human being.Since coming out, I have rarely come across discrimination because I genuinely believe that I lead a life that most people respect.The topic should have been easy enough for me to write about… Yet, as I perused around LGBT-friendly websites and blogs, I was faced with an overwhelming problem: I couldn’t morally and ethically write for sites that go against my own political beliefs.Within the past few months, I have read dozens — if not hundreds — of articles, blog posts and narratives tailored toward the liberal community.There are gay affirming churches in my area, but non that I would really enjoy going to.For myself personally, I want to be with someone who chooses the same religion as myself.I want to date someone to marry them..if I'm gonna plan a future with somebody, most of how we go through life will need to be similar.Having two depress religious in the house can be rough but that all depends on how religious someone is or isn't.


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