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By having the certified seal, you’ll gain a few advantages over other members when it comes to messaging and forum privileges.For example, you can share your phone number and e-mail address with other members who also have the certified seal as quality members.

Bookof Matches is only available in a few countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Because of this fact, the website is currently only available for usage in the English language but it’s possible that this site will expand its’ language outreach and how many countries it will be accessible in for the future.

In order to boost your quality member score, you can post more photos, send more messages to more users, and fill out your profile with relevant information in order to show your dedication as a user of Bookof Matches.

Because this website is about adults dating and getting to know each other better, you have to be eighteen years of age or older in order to register and sign-up for a free membership.

In addition to being free, Bookof Matches prioritizes the privacy of all of its’ members as well as providing a high level of quality.

Because of this commitment, this website has created a “Quality Membership Score” for all of its’ members which will evaluate how you have been using the website and if you have been taking advantage of all of the features that are offered.When you see that Bookof Matches is advertised as a completely free online dating website, you can trust that this website doesn’t have any tricks to pull and is actually as it is advertised, a completely free website.There are neither hidden membership fees involved when you sign-up or any upgraded membership options to look for to get those advanced features that everybody loves.It’s 100% free and always will be from what the website advertises.You won’t need any credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal accounts in order to get the most out of this website.Because other members are going to want to know what you look like in terms of your physical appearance, you should consider describing those physical characteristics and traits of yours to give others some idea of what to expect if they decide to meet you in person.You’ll want to describe items such as your height, weight, your body type (athletic, average, overweight, etc.), your hair color, eye color, etc.The registration and sign-up process for Bookof Matches only takes a couple of minutes total and is quite easy to complete.To get started, it is mandatory to enter in the following information about yourself to officially register for a membership on the website.If you believe that it’s too personal to be shared with random members, you can choose to leave certain parts of the profile blank instead of sharing it with other people.It is highly recommended though for users to enter in as much information to get more compatible matches to message you and also get more viewers to check out your profile.


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