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As companies operate in increasingly more countries/regions, it becomes more important that they be able to review or report financials in more than one currency. Within the program, your general ledger is set up using your local currency ($), and another currency is set up as an additional currency, with a current exchange rate assigned.

Text == "MYR - Malaysian Ringgit") else if (fromcountry. Text == "EUR - Euro") //Form 2 private void btnok_Click(object sender, Event Args e) I know by using if-else method it's too vague to get rates at the start of the program and I'm just a student learning simple programming.

There are countless mechanisms to access a database from ADO. External Source I'm sure there are various online sources you could get currency data from, either a webservice or RSS feed you could access - it could be worth reading up on these?

If there's not enough info, I can help you get more coding There are a number of different ways to achieve this and it's going to be impossible to answer in full without making a design decision for you.

But still I need to know how use the updated rate when I press the same conversion again.

On editing the Invoice Line, I want the user to be able to see and use the commas and decimal point. 32,450.65 However, on submit, this does not even get past validation. The line in the view and the class declarations are: Mark all posts that give the desired result the answer.

If you only mark the last that gave you clarification because you misread an earlier post others will be confused.

I would use the App Settings section of the config file similar to here. Config file to your application, this would store the conversion rates so you can update them without needing to rewrite your tool. There is a section in the config file called App Settings, this is a simple section for key/value type properties.

You can create a new file by right clicking on the project and adding New Item, then Configuration File. We're going to create a set of app settings, one for each conversion rate.

I could change this if necessary (or if implementing the above is more hassle than it's worth) to be but then I'd need to format the value in the views as currency.. Thanks, what I've done today it take the format on the model out of the equation. I also created 2 display templates that are used by Display For() and Edit For(). I have also added a custom model binder for decimals.

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