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When he want to take the ball to throw it back into the field, the Thai official refuse to give him in what he describe as "an act of delaying the time" when the Indonesian team are desperately in need to seek at least one quicker goal in the stoppage time to balance the aggregate.

The ball was only given when he complained the issue to United Arab Emirates referee Abdulla Hassan, but in the way that he perceive as disrespectful and as a result he kicking the ball to them as a sign of protest where he was then approached by most of the players in the bench and given a red card by the referee.

Following the flare throwing incident in the second leg final by Thai supporters comprising mostly from the members of Ultras Thailand shortly after their first leading goal scored by Siroch Chatthong for the Thai national team as well during the end of the match, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) launched an investigation following complains from Thai public that the group has caused damage to the image of Thai football.

She’d also just turned 30, and was feeling some pressure to settle down. And she didn’t want to spend time prowling through bars or attempting to find a guy in Fort Worth whose relationship history she didn’t already know. At the very least, she figured, she’d meet some new people.

In one message, a guy told her he wanted to “wash her hair and wrap her up in his hoodie.” She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant.

Lauren patiently deleted messages and tried not to think about the fact that all of these strange men were perusing her profile, sizing her up.

She couldn’t ignore the fact that the other pieces of her life were coming together nicely: She’d earned a degree, found a fulfilling career path in nonprofit work, had plenty of friends.

“I woke up the next morning and had so many messages in my inbox that I almost immediately deleted my account,” she says.

The AFF had given Indonesia a deadline of before 5 August 2016 to have the suspension lifted.

On 23 November, three days before the match between Malaysia and Myanmar, the Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sport Khairy Jamaluddin said that he had petitioned his country football association to boycott Myanmar as the group B host because of Myanmar government's alleged persecution to the Rohingya Muslims after repeated calls from West Malaysian Malay Muslim individuals and political groups of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), People's Justice Party (PKR), National Trust Party (AMANAH) Penang branch as well from Malay extreme group of Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa to boycott the country.


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