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The facts have been recorded that a totalitarian and satanic elite infil-traitored and took over all these Empires and that 72 once free, flourishing and rich republics were destroyed from within by Satanic Ritual.Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over.

All Rituals, Religion, Education, Secret Services and Political Movements have been Scientifically Engineered to create Fake Gangs for 10,000 Years.

- as part of the Meditational training, have been consciously removed from the books and from all Traditional Meditations because all the best techniques have been removed by an Elite who hold Meditational Techniques as one of their main planks to Rule the World!!

Black Magician Homosexual Hitler created homosexual Cults based upon Black Magic - taught to him by Guido von List and the Armanen Order, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels and Ariosophy, The Thule Society, Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Because the Torah and the Bible prohibit Homosexuality, in order to introduce Satanism and its Satanic Rituals, Hitler decided to destroy Judaism and Also he changed Christianity - Jesus - into a Sun God associated with Odin by sending all clerics to the death camps along with all the Ritual burning holocaust six million Jews.

After that he allied with Islam because Islam Wahabism promotes a Jihad Warrior Spartan Pedophilia and Sex Slavery of Women - "Women for breeding, Boys for love" See, Thousands of child prostitutes in every city of Britain - Rochdale child sex abuse ring https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rochdale_child_sex_abuse_ring Hitler's NAZI is Satanic National Socialism, an offshoot of No-God Communism - You can see this plan occurring in Western Civilisation everywhere, NOW!!


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