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He was even tapped to sing a cappella of national anthem at Game 2 of NBA finals, an event which he took proudly being a basketball fan himself.He was then engaged in several tours with his fellow warriors in American Idol until he got his first solo concert on October 8, 2006 at Virginia State Fair.

During these times, his diabetes also received attention from charity organizations that used him as a role model of how a diabetic can actually rise to success.

He continued this role by visiting hospitals, and attending events to encourage diabetic people to rise for themselves.

Despite the fatigue of waiting more than 15 hours for his turn and forgetting the lyric, he made it through to Hollywood round.

Slowly but steady he won the attention from the judges until he made it to the top 24.

Teenage Elliot still kept his spirit to live normally by attending High School for one year before finally quitting to work in local Foot Locker.

Seemingly uninterested in education he still received his GED while working in the store with the help of his employer.Sadly though, in his childhood Elliott had to go through difficult times especially regarding his health.He once said that he was always the kid with allergies and a painful ear that required drops every few hours.This had lowered the self-esteem within him that eventually made him hating to be the center of attention.With that, he buried the passion of singing that required him performing in front of many people.From then on, he kept getting himself average jobs until his hidden infatuation in music took its toll on him.He began engaging in music-related work which is DJing in a local radio station with a jazz band named Big Pat & Legion.Back to his music career, he released a single called 'This Christmas' in December 2006 through AOL music and his cover of James Moody's 'Moody's Mood for Love'.He announced his music-publishing contract with Sony/ATV Music in the same month and a recording deal with Hickory Records in the next month.The judges and also American Idol viewers apparently loved and supported him all along the contest until he was in the big three.On May 17, 2006, he was voted off after 0.20 per cent difference to his competitors Katharine Mc Phee and Taylor Hicks. The crews, the band, his fellow contestants were fond of him and even the acid tongue judge Simon Cowell said that he was the "nicest contestant ever" on American Idol.


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