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If you want to turn to alternative local media, the diplomatically titled BBC Radio Foyle wont give you too many clues either.The roots of the City’s schizophrenic title are, perhaps unsurprisingly, a familiar combination of history imbued with an overpowering political influence.However, they couldn’t meet because Marlin was recovering from surgery.

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By Tyler Weaber “I asked the Lord for a woman who could serve through her piano and accordion, and that is exactly what I got.” Stated Marlin Givens as he recalls the prayer in his heart as he went in search for love in the most unlikely place at the time, on an online dating website.After some convincing from family and friends both Marlin and Rosie signed up for Eharmony, an online dating website.Rosie, who was living in Ohio at the time now says “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever move away from my 3 children to Pennsylvania.” All of that changed when Marlin messaged Rosie on Eharmony. They talked on the phone for an hour and a half every single night.The Plantation of Ulster in 1608 saw the British Crown seizing land in an effort to anglicise Ulster and create a loyal and acquiescent population here.The various lands were handed over to different guilds of British traders to develop and manage.That’s a name that’s not used by any indigenous Northerner, not even the Protestants, for they’d be too self-conscious. If people in Ireland ask me where I was born I can, if wishing to be politic, say ‘The Maiden City’ or use the more recent coinage, ‘Stroke City’.The right name for the city is Derry from the Irish Doire Cholm Chille – meaning the oak-grove of Colmkille. As a boy, from my aunts and mother I heard many a story of suffering endured by the defiant Protestant citizenry …. got a call from an English broadcaster who explained that his newsroom had received a fax from an organisation called the Apprentice Boys of Derry.“I was so impressed with the wonderful care the nursing staff provided to my first wife that I knew I didn’t want to live my life anywhere else.” said Marlin.Rosie had known very little about continued care retirement communities but she had fallen in love with Londonderry Village after she visited. There are so many friendly faces and the staff actually take the time to get to know you.However, for many of us here the name is not really so important, to us it is just home!Some famous views on the matter: Brendan Behan - They are the people, too, who keep calling Derry ‘Londonderry’.


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