Dating oil riggers

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It’s the way that every day starts on Ursa, Shell Oil’s newest production-and-drilling platform in the deep waters off the coast of Louisiana.

And if that greeting doesn’t get you up, a personalized call may go out over the loudspeaker, telling you to get out of bed and get down to the galley.

And here are some examples of what was said to him on the phone: “These gas wells are guaranteed to produce $6,800 a month in income;” “Some of the most successful investors in the country are interested in these wells;” “There are only two units left in this project;” “We drilled a well in Texas that had these same early gas readings, and the investors all made millions.” . Once they have your money, scam artists pay themselves first, often using funds to pay personal expenses.

Over a three year-period, Henry was recontacted 12 times and invested, essentially, his life savings in 4 different gas wells, each time thinking that he had to invest or lose his original investment . Many of these schemes start in so-called “boiler rooms,” where skilled telemarketers use high pressure sales tactics to convince you to hand over your hard-earned money.

was a successful business man, married for 30 years, raised a family and had a good life .

after his wife’s death, he received an [overnight] package of materials with all kinds of reports, and it was offering an oil and gas investment . ”No, this is not a personalized wake-up call from a soft-spoken hotel operator.It’s a different kind of reveille, one that begins with a brisk knock at the door, continues with that chirpy greeting, and ends with the overhead fluorescent lights flipping on. If you’re having trouble finding the agency that regulates oil and gas in a particular state, enter the State’s name - followed by “oil and gas” - into your favorite Internet search engine. Unfortunately, state oil and gas regulatory agencies don’t have uniform names. If you are still having trouble, call us at (800) 732-0330. The appropriate agency should be listed near the top of your search results.One mistake, and Ursa could join the Exxon Valdez in the oil-and-environmental-disaster history books.Those challenges are something that Rick Fox, Shell’s asset leader for Ursa, knew three years ago when he set out to assemble the team that would help build and staff the platform in preparation for “first oil” in March 1999.This story was originally published in September 2000, but it offers an insight into a aspect of the Gulf oil spill coverage that’s been overlooked in recent coverage: life on board an oil rig — in this case, Shell Oil’s Ursa platform (above).At the time of original publication it was a brand new, state-of-the-art operation.“Good morning, it’s 5 o’clock!


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