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Still, Billie looked very happy as her support system of friends, co-stars and family members surrounded her for one heck of a birthday bash on Saturday night.

Still, Billie looked very happy as her support system of friends, co-stars and family members surrounded her for one heck of a birthday bash on Saturday night.People like Colton Haynes, Emma Roberts, Billie's father Bryan Lourd and more joined the birthday girl for a house party in Beverly Hills that was filled with water slides, pool floaties, unicorns, rainbow decorations and even food trucks.It serves as living proof that no amount of A-list stars can make up for crap filmmaking.

Hazeltine (seriously, who came up with these names? She’s seatmates with Holden (Bradley Cooper) on a flight and there’s palpable chemistry there. It’s revealed that Roberts is headed home to see her son, while Holden is headed to see his boyfriend (the aforementioned closeted football player).

In fact, this is the only coupling in the film that makes any sense. Why he was heavily flirting with her the entire flight is anyone’s guess.

Verbally, it's a minimum of $11,952 per spoken word.” Roberts worked on the film for just three days, but after she signed on—presumably as a favor to her Pretty Woman director, Garry Marshall—the dominoes fell one by one, and A-lister after A-lister joined the fray. Her student loans are, it seems, more important than being known by everyone in L. as “that crazy woman who’s always having phone sex in public” (paging Obama! She’s a phone sex virtuoso, performing in a series of bad accents, from Russian to Southern.

The film’s central character is Reed, a nice-guy flower shop owner played by Ashton Kutcher (groan) who’s struggling with the dilemma of whether or not he loves his girlfriend, Morley (Jessica Alba), who kinda-sorta rejects his marriage proposal (you don’t blame her since the proposal itself is basically word vomit—delivered by Ashton Kutcher).“Everyone is romantic on Valentine’s Day! When her boyfriend (Topher Grace) finds out, he’s completely turned off.

According to Vulture, distributor New Line Cinema paid Roberts “$3 million up front against 3 percent of the gross for what is little more than an extended cameo. Meanwhile, Liz (Anne Hathaway) is a phone sex operator who’s desperate to pay off her student loans any way possible.

That comes out to an astonishing ,333 per second of screen time, or roughly 0,000 a minute. She’s apparently always on the clock, performing phone sex in public restaurants, on sidewalks, you name it.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is, in the world of Garry Marshall, a true Shakespearean tragedy. The “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party she eventually throws is complete with actual picture burning.

The only relationship she’s managed to foster is with her phone: “My closest relationship is with my Blackberry … Julia (Jennifer Garner), an elementary schoolteacher, thinks she’s found the man of her dreams in Dr.

"Bryan's husband, Bruce Bozzi, also took to Instagram to share a sweet photo alongside his man, Billie and Emma Roberts."Happy Birthday to the best step daughter!

With all due respect to the heinous-looking one-two punch of Endless Love and Winter’s Tale, which have seemingly arrived in theaters this Valentine’s Day to torture impressionable romantics nationwide, there is one film so grossly saccharine that it rules the V-Day crap-movie roost. This 2010 film was a lame attempt at mimicking the star-studded rom-com conceit made famous—or infamous, depending on your taste—by 2003’s Love Actually.


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