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Interracial relationships are growing according to Pew Polls. I remind myself that interracial marriage was illegal and sometimes induced physical violence in my grandparents’ and parent’s lifetime.Our type of love didn’t become legal until 1967, and half a century later there is still scrutiny and disapproval when it comes to “dating out.” (I can only imagine the obstacles gay and lesbian couples face.) My son isn’t old enough to notice the disapproving glares, but as a Momma Bear, I worry about his future.You might consider our family interracial, but we do not, so stop staring and let interracial love be.

My partner and I had long discussions and made a conscious decision that as parents, we would not decide a race for our son.

When we learned that assigning my race would automatically determine my son’s, we deferred.

This essay focuses on an incidence of public policing through the popular social networking platform Facebook, centering on the invocation of racial obligation by white friends and family members.

I analyze how racial loyalty is articulated by friends and family members in their posts on my personal Facebook page and how this ‘loyalty’ is used as means of regulating my mixed-race identity performance.

If nothing changes in 2035 — I fear for the heartache he will face should he decide to love someone that society may deem as an inappropriate love interest for him. The truth is, we didn’t choose each other because of our races, but if we did would that be okay?

I worry even now that people will judge him because his parents are of different ancestry. It has been quoted of love by William Shakespeare, that “love is blind.” Our love, like many others, is far from perfect but love sees no faults, no wrongs, no imperfections in the one close to their heart. “Love is blind, but not the neighbors,” makes it clear that although you see no wrong in your love, others may.Growing up my Grandmother made sure my Barbie was a beautiful shade of caramel brown, like me.Her “boyfriend” happened to be my crush from the Beverly Hills 90210, Dylan.These articles foreground the theoretical and methodological innovation so characteristic of the Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA), including the new focus on media sociology.This article utilizes discourse analysis and an autoethnographic approach to explore the impact of U. racial and ethnic categorization on the experiences of an individual marked as ‘mixed-race’ in terms of individual identity and familial/cultural group loyalty and obligation(s).The author explores the discourses and logics that self-identified multiracial and multiethnic female online daters use to explain their own responses to social justice movements around race and racism in the United States.These women mobilize stances on the social movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a metric of racial progressiveness, articulating their own political views on race.Due to the increase in the number of Americans – both in opposite-sex and same-sex relationships – reporting partners of a different race or ethnic background between the 20 censuses, race and intimacy remain at the forefront of mainstream social concerns.However, research exploring how multiracial people – a rapidly growing population – fit in these trends is underrepresented.I grew up thinking that it was safe for me to love whoever I wanted, but from our first year dating, we noticed disapproving glares and comments from strangers.It caused us to avoid certain places and even caused us to leave a few restaurants.


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