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I’ve often heard stories of mocking clips ending up on the internet for the whole world to see.

I’ve often heard stories of mocking clips ending up on the internet for the whole world to see.Once it became possible to surf the web on mobiles, it soon became obvious to me what many of the pupils are looking at.Forget the old-fashioned notion that a parent might actually back the teacher and berate their brazen child.

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Mobile phones sum up many of the things that are wrong in schools in modern Britain.

They have become, quite simply, the scourge of the classroom.

I can give her a detention that she won’t turn up to.

Or I can decide not to waste any more lesson time and focus on the majority of the class who really want to learn and accept that, once again, a rude, disruptive child has scored a victory.

It’s warping youngsters, especially boys, and making healthy relationships very difficult.’Given that mobiles cause so much trouble, the question which needs to be asked is, why were they ever allowed in schools in the first place?

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As a teacher I never understood why they hadn’t been banned.

‘They walk off down the street, the phone still glued to their ear.’She has even had parents answer calls while they are speaking to her. We can’t just leave this problem to Sir Michael Wilshaw, heads and teachers.

‘Once I was talking to a mum about her son’s difficulty in settling into school and she answered a phone call, leaving me standing there. If we really want to stop mobile phones blighting our children’s education, parents have to lead the way and reach for the ‘off’ button themselves.

That is why many teachers, like myself, will applaud yesterday’s announcement by Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Schools, that pupils face a ban on mobile phones in school as part of a new Ofsted crackdown on discipline.

By the time I left the profession two years ago, things were even worse.


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