Experimental models for validating technology

experimental models for validating technology-33
In our case study, the Bird-Carreu model, experimentally obtained by dynamic mechanical analysis, turned out to be the best candidate model for the EPDM studied.Subsequently, we demonstrated that a valid constitutive equation can be effectively selected by applying the methodology proposed with relatively low cost.

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The container will hold one of three simulant/rock combinations that mimic the surface properties of small bodies.

The enclosure will be instrumented with telemetry sensors.

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Then, the EPDM was extruded in the manufactured die, and the total rubber that passes through the 4-channel die together with the inlet pressure was measured.

CFD simulations of the 4-channel die were lastly analyzed.Researchers at Stanford University and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have recently been investigating low-mass surface platforms that can traverse the rugged and soft terrains of small bodies, where gravity is extremely low.These platforms impart mobility by generating a reaction force through simple internal actuation mechanisms, enabling them to traverse by hopping (for large surface coverage) and tumbling/shuffling (for fine mobility and instrument pointing).Based on the uncertainty quantification of model prediction, some design-oriented model validation metrics are further developed to guide designers for achieving high confidence of using predictive models in making a specific design decision.We demonstrate that the Bayesian approach provides a flexible framework for drawing inferences for predictions in the intended but may be untested design domain, where design settings of physical experiments and the computer model may or may not overlap.These platforms would position science instruments through a sequence of tumbling and shuffling maneuvers.To date, these platforms have been validated in ground-based microgravity test beds and in physics-based simulation environments, including testing with granular media simulations.The methodology was validated in a particular ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM).Characterization experiments were first carried out to obtain three constitutive models: Herschel-Bulkley, Bird-Carreau, and power law.Rubber profile manufacturers have strong incentives to optimize the design of their extrusion dies and reduce the longer development times.Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling is today the most effective alternative to traditional methods for adjusting die geometry and extrusion parameters.


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