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I guess this is the way of the 21st century dating scene. If you lack self control then there is not too many fish in this pond... *looks over in his relatively empty bucket* Maybe I'm fishing in the wrong part of the river.And I believe if our ancestors had this technology they would have used it as well. But there are too many "men fish" trying to gobble up the comparatively small schools of "women fish" lol. in fact, maybe not enough.island, i do believe i have the maturity,,, however, although i look for my forever, when i meet , seems like all of us are looking for that 'prefect puzzle piece that fits' sometimes, i wish i would .......... I see a few skirt past my hook but they never bite, or if they do there is an obvious incompatability that would have been aparent had they read my profile and I have to throw them back. I would have to agree with callendargirl today there are so many ways to find that greener grass, even if its not really there.

When our parents met in highschool , didnt they search and choose from the smaller crowd. I think, that relationships and dates, and meetings, are almost like a ballot box....

we look and pick, we order as we would on a new car..

Some have a more narrowly defined set of parameters so whether there's few or many choices the decision making process is pretty much the same.

On a dating site, it's always a temptation to fall into the candy store mentality, but I think you just end up wasting more time if you stray from what you really want, or give into the "give someone else a chance" way of thinking.

Some of the topics that you will find include the following.

Relationship issues, dating experiences, dating over 30 and many more.divorce was a big taboo 30 years ago and now its the the qwick fix.oh he's lost his hair, or she's gained 30 pound I don't love them anymore.Thousands of singles continue to register every week in search for a connection.It is so easy to use plenty of fish in sea dating website.This way, you can register with ease and get writing a profile.The website comes with plenty of features which are loved by members. This is a place where every topic on dating is discussed.If your heart is broken, you will find helpful love advise as well as how to overcome the challenge.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Personally every time I've done that I've been disappointed.It's striking a balance in between going out with anyone who's not a convicted felon to having your parameters so narrowly defined it's like an extensive shopping list. or is it disposable like everything,, slowly and surely is everything becoming disposable? I didn't mean to suggest that there is a better way or not. Seems like the 'rents found the dirl and guy next store, and were satisfied finding someone that they were "somewhat" compatible with, just because they were handy.


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