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This work is protected under Title 17 of the United States Code.Reproduction and dissemination of this work with changes is prohibited except with the written permission of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).The Unique Identifier is less granular than the ISBN. Refer to Package Identifier for more information.].

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In the absence of this resource, the Publication might not render as intended by the Author.

Examples of Publication Resources include the Package Document, EPUB Content Documents, EPUB Style Sheets, audio, video, images, embedded fonts and scripts.

EPUB is a registered trademark of the International Digital Publishing Forum.

This section is informative This specification, EPUB Publications 3.0, defines publication-level semantics and conformance requirements for EPUB® 3, including the format of the Package Document and rules for how this document and other Publication Resources are associated to create a conforming EPUB Publication.

This section defines conformance requirements for EPUB Publications and EPUB Reading Systems at the Publication level.

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Conformance requirements particular to specific Publication Resources and processing contexts are located in the specifications referenced herein.With the exception of the Package Document itself, Publication Resources must be listed in the manifest and must be bundled in the EPUB container file unless specified otherwise in Publication Resource Locations.Examples of resources that are not Publication Resources include those identified by the Package Document link element and those identified in outbound hyperlinks that resolve outside the EPUB Container (e.g., referenced from an [A Publication Resource that conforms to one of the EPUB Content Document definitions (XHTML or SVG).The Package Document is an XML document consisting of a set of container elements, each dedicated to housing information about a particular aspect of the Publication.These containers effectively centralize metadata for the Publication, detail the individual resources that compose it and provide reading order and other information for rendering the Publication to a User.If they are not bit-for-bit identical, they represent different versions, and must have different last modified dates.To identify a specific version of a packaged Publication, a Package Identifier can be constructed by combining the Unique Identifier with the last modified date of the Publication.The following list summarizes the information a Package Document contains: This specification makes a distinction between the Unique Identifier for an EPUB Publication and the identifier that uniquely identifies a specific version of it (i.e., to be able to differentiate EPUB Publications containing different versions of the same Manifestation).Two copies of an EPUB that are bit-for-bit identical are the same version and must retain the same last modified date.It is strongly recommended that all identifiers be fully qualified URIs, however.Reading Systems must trim all leading and trailing whitespace from the element value, as defined by the XML specification [ conforms to an established system or has been granted by an issuing authority, Reading Systems should parse the value of the property.


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