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People still don’t believe me, and they don’t have time to read the older posts which explain things step-by-step.All of the city’s best amenities, as well as high-paying jobs and fast bus lines to other cities, are within a short walk or bike ride.How we get it for less: We bought this house for 0,000 about six years ago. ” This lament comes up again and again, no matter how many times I insist that the Mustache family leads a pretty fancy lifestyle, with no cash constraints of any sort. I’m not ready to cut back my own life to the bone like he has, so I could never live on less than ,000 per year – let alone raise a child on it!At the time, it was underpriced by almost ,000 due to a motivated seller and a lack of market research on the part of the agent.We toured the house on the first day it went to market, and had the offer in on the same day.And even a little bit of hipness creeping in, if the growing number of cruiser bikes, Subarus, beards, and packed microbreweries can be considered a measure of such things.The Vacations: As your life changes, your travel preferences will probably change as well.As twentysomethings, my wife and I saw a bit of the world including Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Hawaii, Mexico, and of course Canada and a great amount of the US.Now that we’re parents to a six-year-old, we keep things a bit more tame by staying mostly within North America.


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