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Like always i didn't know whether to go out to the local gay bars as i recently had turned 21 or try my luck or browse through some online gay hook/dating sites. I introduced myself as Bradley but Brad for short and is 21 years old, He told me his name was Sean and he was 42 years old and we exchanged numbers.

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It was late afternoon on a Thursday when i decided to do something for the weekend.

He opened the door to his truck and with a quick motion he picked me up and lifted me inside. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back into his sleeper.

he gently laid me down on my back and stared unbuttoning his shirt, when he had finished taking his shirt off i had already taken mine off and chucked in the front.

"Why on you add did it say Last trip, are you thinking about quitting driving trucks" he replied rather quickly "yeah, i originally was in the army but got discharged after suffering from depression when my best mate was killed in front me, and ever since then I've been driving trucks" "oh wow i'm sorry to hear that" I replied "its fine, i found a new job already, I've gotten in security and will be starting next Friday" Sean said with delight as he saw our meals arriving, we continued talking and drinking, Before long we where been asked to leave as the the place had to close.

we entered the dark street and he asked if id like to go back to his truck and with out hesitation i said replied. with a quick arm swung around my shoulders he pulled me towards the direction of the truck which happened to be parked not far from my car.rubbing my chest he then leaned down and kissed me.Our tongues locked and in the heat of the kiss and we started rubbing all over each other.i finally reached the cafe and as i walked in i bumped into a fairy large man with a shorted hair beard, and what looked like a rug coming up his chest.As i noticed the hair i noticed a name tag on his Flannel shirt as he walked off, It read "Sean".Sean let out a small laugh and said "gee boy you took that off fast, didn't even give me a chance to help", "well i still have two more pieces of clothing you can help with" i said back with a huge cheeky grin on my face.Sean just couldn't resist he moved towards me and lifted one leg over my body and sat on top of me.I quickly turn around and said, "Sean, wait, its Brad, sorry i'm late i couldn't find a car park and had to park at least 10 minutes away" he turned around with a half grin on his face.That when i really noticed him, around 6 foot in height and looked as if he weight 225 pounds, wide shoulders, muscular torso with a bit of a belly and strong looking arms.i glanced at my watch "shit" i murmured to my self and noticed the it was .And i started to walk faster which became a bit tiring as i wasn't very fit.


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