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Victoria is a Ukraine mail order bride web site that is supposedly designed so you can interact with Ukrainian women. The question here is if Victoria is a scam or a legitimate web site to interact and eventually meet and marry women from the Ukraine.Our investigation left no stone unturned in our quest to find out the truth. The first piece of evidence we would like to include in this investigation is a screen shot showing our member profile on Victoria But do you want to purchase a membership to communicate with bots that send "automatic messages generated by algorithm"?

But you need to buy credits to contact her so you must pay to converse with women on the site.How logical is it to contact a person who doesn't have any type of information in his dating profile?But for some magical reason the women on Victoria are drawn to our profile?We took a screen shot of just a few of the messages we have received.Are we to assume the messages we're receiving are "automatic messages generated by their algorithm"?As you can see we haven't uploaded a single profile pic to this investigation.We left as much personal info as possible blank but still we are getting bombarded with messages from Ukraine women, why?Some of these adult sites allow full access only for members but having great free porn movies preview pages.Main destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patong, Patpong, Chiang Mai.(Screen shot showing automated "profile views" and "likes".) Sometimes when performing an investigation the evidence can be circumstantial and sometimes it's backed up hard evidence.In this particular case the use of fictitious profiles that have been fabricated by the staff of Victoria is without a doubt real.


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