I want to stop accommodating him

Surely, if we truly wanted to be available and vulnerable, we would engage with people who want to expand and evolve emotionally with us?

It may be conscious, it might be unconscious, but we do.

We can pick up on cues that indicate that certain subjects or situations are not a good idea. Let’s be real: If we’ve been raised in an environment with a lot of tension or where feelings or discussions were a no-no, or where we’ve gotten into the habit of being a pleaser, we can be pretty damn adept at reading a room or reading for what we feel are signs of tension, and then adjusting ourselves.

as if we’re being available to these people because we’re so there or we’re quite frankly suffering in the relationship whether it’s privately as we struggle with our inner turmoil over the situation or out in the open as we battle with them, but there’s a difference between being available for battle and being available for a mutually fulfilling [relationship. Why do we claim that we’re committed to people who may offer the least likely possibility of commitment?

There’s no such thing as a one-sided committed relationship. Why do we want to communicate with partners who don’t want to communicate?


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