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cludes reducing local school district millage rates while increasing the state sales tax from 4 percent to 6 percent.School operating millage rates in most cases would be rolled back to 18 mills and districts could levy an additional 9 mills with approval of local voters for a total of 27 mills.

Mc Shane Staff Wnter Denise Mills sat quietly in her seat Monday night as Grosse Pointe board of education members discussed why they could not support studentled prayer at this year's graduation ceremonies. gument in part on an appeals "West's rather elaborate but cowt decision in Texas (Jones clear presentation concludes with the opinion that the board of education respond to the stu.

Mills a Grosse Pointe North senior heads a student group called Students Promoting Equality Awareness and Knowledge (SPEAK) that pushed for student-led prayer at their commencement. Clear Creek ndependent ducted an informal poll of stu- School District) which allowed dents and reported that the ma- students to lead their own jonty wanted some type of prayer at graduation if a majorinvocation at their graduation. She and other North seniors Since that meeting superinaddressed the board at its tendent Ed Shine sought the March B meeting- asking.-the.--legal opinion of school -district iu! dents' request by stating that there be no student-led prayer whether or not the student body votes in favor of such prayer" Shine said.

n his opinion West advised the board that the Texas decision in the Fifth U. Circuit Court of Appeals is not binding in Michigan district courts; Michigan is in the sixth circuit.

Board members agreed with West's opinion and Shine's recommendation.

Mc Shane Staff Wnter f voters approve a June 2 ballot proposal that would lower property taxes and raise the sales tax they also will be signing away their control of school millage rates.

That's the assessment drawn by Chris Fenton assistant su.

'"...- ""..." MCROGRAPHC & ELECTRONC MAGE CONVERSOfl SERVCES SYSTEMS CONSULTATON (. The VNA is funded by the United Way by private insurance companies such as Blue Cross and by private contribu. "Our goal is to increase patients' health and independence." Visiting nurses will go to anyone who needs their care she added. "Don't let the pain get ahead of you." Ramsdell estimated that 75 Lundy told the council.

"We see people who are indigent who are on Medicaid who are aftluent who are middle classs. "What we are asking for is a five-year lease on the building in order for us to get the school on fmn ground." At the end of that time the school would move to another eastside location Lundy said. it's like saying the voters are not smart enough to say yes or no to a millage increase.' Chris Fenton Assistant Superintendent Grosse Pointe schools currently levy in operating mills for the general fund and 1.3 for the library fund.

The eastern office where work has 30 registered nurses and about 100 more people - physical therapists home health aides speech therapists nutritionists occupational therapists medical social workers and high tech nurses." Patients are referred by their doctors by hospitals by their families or by the patients themselves. More than 100 people attended the meeting with sev. Many cited the need for additional space for the grade school and Since closed but offers a 2-year other parish programs as the reason they wanted the high school closed. A petition had been crrcu lated among parish members asking the council to reject the regionalization proposed by the archdiocese and to close the high school as soon as possible. the Supreme Court has ruled on this and think we are obligated to comply on this matter. Because Grosse Pointe's millage rate is more than 27 mills the proposal al.

Others stressed fmancial concerns with some questioning how firm the arch. lows the district to roll back its millage to that level.


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