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Second opinion on your child’s developmental stage, since they aren’t where your parenting book said they should be?

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But when it comes to your career, you probably think all of your irrational worries are less crazy and more warranted.

Because most professionals are far harder on themselves than their colleagues, managers, or employees are, the anxieties that keep you up at night are probably not as intense or noticeable as you perceive them.

The challenge for many professionals is to take a step back and analyze the fear itself, and why it keeps parading your thoughts and psyche.

And as Rowan says, redefine what it means to be successful and happy from your unique lens, not through the eyes or the definition of someone else.

Though many believe one day their employer or manager will pick up on their ruse, most people are actually, Rowan has found that the more outstanding and together a person is, the more likely they are to have this concern.

“Success is scary, and the personalities that tend to succeed are also the ones who tend to do the most self-reflection and take the biggest risks.And hey, as career coaches put it: You’re performing much better than you give yourself credit for.This high-stakes, go-big-or-fail mentality has shifted over centuries. Forget that apples are tasty, and you just miss out on tasty apples.This could be an award, a positive note from a mentor, anything that reminds you of how far you’ve come — and the stellar places you’re headed.As you add on more words into your title and move out of the open office space to a glass-door office, it’s not just the zeros that pack on your pay stub, but the pressure, too.The truth is, you probably won’t get the pink slip.Adams reassures it take a lot to get fired, especially the more senior you become.These combinations create a constant ‘what if’ threat state in your brain,” she explains.So how do you reassure yourself that you’re doing better than wine — and excelling? By implementing new habits and processes, you work your best to overwrite the message you have swirling on repeat.“As humans, we have evolved to prioritize negative information and/or potential outcomes. Therefore, you brain focuses on the information that keeps you alive,” career coach and founder of Rowan Coaching, Colleen Star Koch explains.“Today, we rarely find ourselves in situations oriented purely around survival.


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