Is tom brady still dating gisele

Canada (35 million) has a small population in comparison to the US (320 million), and the Super Bowl brings in 3x as many viewers as the entire Canadian population. Many CFL players have to get off-season jobs, because the average player makes only five figures, with the best players raking in six. A friend's friend of Tom's friends told him that Tom is pretentious, hates football ( and all sports), loves decorating their homes, detests children and hates all the rich people. Just because she is a Brazilian of German descent doesn't mean she's a Nazi. That cunt named their son John Edward Thomas(JET) just to spite him(he was named after the NY Jets).

It's like saying someone is descended from a possible Sicilian gangster so that makes them one! Then again you wish you has his elephantine cock inside you. At least Bundchen shows loyalty to him whereas BM tried to embarrass him. Who the fuck hooks up with a guy that goes by the name of Mc G? Moynahan is from western MA and was a lifelong Pats fan growing up.

The article I initially read about the re-inflated balls actually got it wrong. Many forget that prior to Bridget, Tom was fucking that human cesspool Tara Reid. Because the first touchdown for the Pats came about five minutes into the game. The second scoring drive of the first half for NE was pretty close to the end of the first quarter. Hes also the best qb in the league, but doesn't whore himself to commercials and media like manning. He alluded to surfing the internet for porn.[quote]I hate that golden boy image," Brady tells writer David Kamp. For me to believe I can't do anything wrong — I think that's all bullshit. Whatever, hope they become retarded in their old age from all the bumps to their heads. If there was any deliberate wrongdoing then it was done without his knowledge. But I'm not sure if the Patriots are in on it or if the NFL is bamboozling everyone, players included.

So, how did the media where YOU get your news get it wrong? Bridget had their son christened Jack Moynahan, refusing to give him the Brady name. Thus, it feels like this is a calculated way to get people to remain interested in the two week gap until Super Bowl Sunday.

He co parents and finances and is an all around great father. They had met briefly at one point and Tom was cool to her, so she mentioned in the article that he might be gay. In R72's link, the female reporter ended the segment saying that it's likely this investigation will continue into next week when it's Super Bowl week.

He's a yellow bellied coward.[quote]Tom as no problem with being the father to his child with Bridget M. The reason Tom began dating Giselle was to dispel what she had said about him in a magazine article. I agree with someone else that this is just being drummed up in anticipation of the Super Bowl.

How about the media reports ALL the facts about this story. Oh, and if Aiken really wants to make some news he can come out of the fucking closet already.

I'm standing by the man and the team until someone comes up with some tangible proof that Tom Brady is a cheater.

I do think that these next few weeks and months are a critical time for him.” After falling short of a sixth Super Bowl championship with coach Bill Belichick, Brady enters his 19th season in New England with more questions than answers.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski has been rumored to be considering retirement following the Patriots’ 41-33 defeat in Super Bowl LII last month, and top playoff target Danny Amendola has signed with the Dolphins.


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