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If you and a group of classmates or alumnae relatives are eager to get involved, chairing Phonathon is a great opportunity. As Assistant Director of Alumnae Relations, Julia Frasco ’05 will continue to work closely with the Alumnae Association Board, Auxiliary, and other volunteers to meet the needs of Ursuline’s growing Alumnae community.

Plus, everyone else is in the same position you are.

As for the administration not caring, i find that to be false as well.

Our motto, Serviam, is being drilled into our lives by the teachers and head leaders of this school.

It is almost the end of the semester and I hope the next of the year goes great for me, my classmates, and my teachers! The school raises and spends millions of dollars on a new math and science building, but cannot afford a soccer field even though the UA soccer team has won 20 consecutive state titles.


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