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Highly recommend this place for its exceptional service, great food, wonderful people. Each room features mountain views and a tatami (woven-straw) seating area.One tip: try to reach this accommodation before night fall after visiting Kegon & Ryuzu - plus you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery by the lake side! A free shuttle is available from Nikko Train Station, which is a 1-hour drive away.

While average tenure at university is four years, Konishi remained at Keio University for eight years (!

) because of his love for kendo and ju-jutsu, as he was Keio University’s kendo team captain – and continued coaching the university’s kendo club even after his graduation.

Karamatsu dining room features Japanese meals and Western dishes are available at Mominoki restaurant.

Hotel Okunikko Konishi is a 10-minute drive from Senjyogahara and a 15-minute drive from Lake Chuzenjiko.

If your answer is yes, how come you have never heard of Donald Bradman?

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Born in 1893 in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Konishi began training in Muso-ryu , i.e. In other words, Konishi sensei’s background was strict samurai style, mastering both armed and unarmed combat.

In 1915, Konishi began studying at Keio University, one of the most famous universities in Tokyo.

服務用心,雖然大部分服務人員不通英文,但是仍然用心的說明,服務不會打折。 We have a warm night here, and thanks for the travel consulter(free) tell us where still have red leaves.

A flat-screen TV, a fridge and an electric kettle with green tea bags are included in each.


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