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But while we don’t know if they will have their story ( I truly hope they do), Rain and Elly’s story continued and it’s been a remarkable journey they have had from book one.

Has: I have to say that Rain and Elly really gelled in this book, although there was no question about their love for each other.

In fact I felt more interested in their romance than Elly’s and Rain’s relationship.

I think because so much attention and time was spent on them, I felt that their romance was already fleshed out.

She had saved the offspring of the magical tairen and fought beside her legendary mate against the armies of Eld.

But the most powerful – and dangerous – Verse of her Song had yet to be sung.Lou: I’m so conflicted about the ending of this series.While I’m happy that there is a conclusion, I’m also sad that it’s now ended and we’re saying goodbye to a series that has felt like such a journey.That passage in the book when Galen notices her and sees her black sooty eye and pale skin, my romance radar went PING : D. They have more of an edge, and I think Galen won’t be the type to go into a murderous rage if anyone dares to put a tiny scratch on her.I can see him having more personality, and some humour.In this book they both accepted their dark and light sides.I was also glad that Elly was more proactive in fighting alongside Rain, and the fact he accepted that side of her.She wasn’t protagonist material, but she wasn’t evil. This book is really about the choices that the characters make and their repercussions.Talking about side characters that came into their own, I really loved Melliandra’s character.In many ways it felt like it was one huge climax, and that it’s the final half of the previous book, Queen of Song and Souls.I also felt that all of the story threads came to a head.


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