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Constance stands in front of a mirror naked from the waist up, then takes off the rest of her clothes.

With springtime, and the resurrection of the forest, Connie's misery seems all the harsher.It is worth spending some time discussing the nature of her revelation, and the way in which this becomes the basis of the relationship between her and Mellors.What should be noted first is that the novel's approach to the significance of sex and sexual relationships is quite vague. This owes something to Lawrence's difficulty or reticence in clearly describing sexual scenes.And the sounds the lovers make during sex are even more explicit.And then there's the fact that the movie devolves into class struggles in a way that may be too complicated for younger viewers, anyway.Constance lies about her whereabouts, and Lord Clifford speaks dismissively of the men who work for him in his family's mines. There's a moment when one character tells her confidante about another character's brawl, but no actual fighting is seen on screen.Also, Sir Clifford and his pals discuss the gruesome business and casualties of war in an early scene.For several days after, Connie does not go to meet Mellors in the cabin. Although she says she does not want to have sex, he lays her down on the forest floor, and she complies.Instead, one afternoon she takes tea with a friend of hers, Mrs. This time, she has an orgasm simultaneous with his second orgasm, and the impact on her is profound.She is in a dreamworld, truly conscious only of the warmth inside of her.Clifford, on the other hand, is empty inside, beginning now to resent the distance between them.


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