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A regular instalment on the popular morning show every Tuesday, Kydon drops by to discuss and advice on common dating conundrums and mistakes that people tend to make, but don’t realise they do.From bad texting habits, to deal breakers, Kydon covers all the topics you’d usually discuss at length (with real-life examples) with your friends over dinner, except that he knows exactly the best possible ways around them.The good thing is, she notes, is that : I was, needless to say, intrigued by my possible matches (sorry, boyfriend! By focusing on qualities as compared to superficial traits like looks and hobbies, I could also imagine that success rates and longevity are much higher than if using other dating services.

If all goes well and both ends agree, a common time is set, and the team makes a reservation under their two names, which would also be what serves as the means for identifying your date.

So yes, say goodbye also to the old-school method of clutching onto a rose as a form of identification.

As an example, Andrea then went on to ask me questions to build up my profile – from questions like what my height is, to what ethnicity and religion I preferred, and if I’d prefer someone who was more outgoing or indoor-sy like myself.

Andrea emphasised that ‘s system of profiling and eventual matching is much less about hobbies and physical attributes, but about the qualities of an individual.

Their latest expansion took place last year in Bangkok, after the acquisition of the biggest dating service in Thailand, .

They have also revealed to me their plans to expand into the Philippines next.

Perhaps it’s also due to my luck of somehow being at the right place at the right time, and thus haven’t found a need to turn to them for some extra help.

The idea of a matchmaking service is even more of a mystery to me, and I tend to think of old, slightly chubby ladies grabbing any single men they know and setting them up on random (mostly awkward) dates with single ladies.

To do this effectively, he actually has a very structured approach, and shared with me his personal profile mindmap: He then gets to work accordingly, giving personal anecdotes of clients in each category along the way.

Since dating these days are so much about how people interact online via text and off via dates, he does lessons for both, and even goes through Whatsapp conversations to deduce the mystery of why certain clients keep encountering similar issues!


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