Managing and validating laboratory information systems

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All lithium patients registered from 1980 to 2012 at an Italian clinic were screened for enrollment, and estimated glomerular filtration rate (e GFR) was calculated from serum creatinine concentration using the MDRD Study Group equation.

In the cross-sectional data analysis, the e GFR was found to be lower in women (by 3.47 m L/min/1.73 m (APLIS) has traditionally been defined as a single comprehensive piece of software that manages laboratory workflow, reporting, and billing.

The study results indicated that the younger women subgroup and patients with high serum lithium concentrations were more likely to develop lithium-induced hypothyroidism and chronic kidney disease.

The older women subgroup was more likely to develop lithium-induced high total serum calcium (HR 1.92; 95% CI 1.58–2.33) and high adjusted serum calcium concentrations (HR 1.39; 95% CI 1.13–1.71) = 953).

When panels of antimicrobial agents are used, reports of susceptibility testing should be tailored according to the organism being tested; the laboratory should release only the appropriate agents.

For some organism–drug combinations, results should not be reported because of a lack of correlation between (LISs).Quality control of the assay must also be addressed to ensure that the erroneous result is not due to instrument the best method for preventing an error in reporting susceptibility test results.If a value is flagged as a failed delta check, then a further investigation should be made.A phone call to the nurse may address issues such as erroneous results due to collection of a specimen from an IV line or collection of the wrong specimen.First, is the ethanol result accurate or could there have been some interference due to the patient’s clinical condition?Second, if the ethanol result is accurate, did the patient actually ingest ethanol, or are there other co-ingestants, particularly other toxic alcohol metabolites, that complicate the clinical picture?Over 400 tests are available to be ordered from DLM via the standard hospital information system ordering system at the NIH.All clinical laboratory tests used in routine patient care are available as well as many specialized tests, which often are used to support research objectives.and/or hospital information systems are suitable for providing a pathway for test ordering within clinical research protocols.However, to accommodate the testing of stored samples obtained previously from research subjects, a procedure was developed for the investigator to order tests in this setting with the inclusion of the collection date and generation of sample identifiers.


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