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The shared information contains location information. They can also relay information among themselves to send alerts or to dynamically react to events.He next has the robots orbit around an important find, perhaps a newly-discovered Martian fossil.

By computing successive pair-wise numbers, the group moves toward the mean.

Discussing Honey Bees he calls it "Beeware." Other insect software can be derived from ant scent trails used during foraging.

The "magic of complexity" arises from local interactions, which develop into complex group behaviors.

His work's been exhibited at the Smithsonian, and that's just for starters. But each of these robots can only play part of the song, only part. And now they are gathering in groups: Part A robots and Part B robots, and here we go.

He teaches high school students, he's got the girlfriend. Or he thinks that—I don't know what it is—he knows better. They will start signaling each other, and without any further direction from him, they should spontaneously perform the theme song from .


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    To date, his most impressive and prestigious scholarly work is a 238-page book of which he is. Award was presented to James McLurkin, Joshua Rykowski. menting a Web-based peer-review process, which will encourage the diffusion.…

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