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Then he goes on to say she overdosed on Xanax and had to get committed to a psych ward. Very common one it seems, as I've seen the same thing posted here many times as well as r/legaladvice - I'll see if I can dig up some other posts.He says he wants 00 for his mortgage and he won't go to the cops.wants me to send him a moneygram..pretty sure this is a scam..anyone have any ideas on what I should do? Also don't send dick pics to random people on the internet?

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Life Knot lits more than 1,520 activities by default, everyone’s hobby is bound to be in the list.5. COM Imeetzu is yet another site like mocospace which takes the whole approach to a sexual level, however if you are looking for a relationship in this particular way then imeetzu would come very useful. I gave my phone # to a "girl" on the mocospace chat sight.She texted me saying she wanted to get to know me and trade pics...He said he's going to let all this go if I send money for these classes. I block all the numbers from South Carolina hoping it'll all just go away.I'm pretty sure it's an elaborate scam but it's hell of annoying. Dude the same thing happened to me a couple days ago.Dude the same thing happened to me a couple days ago.I did exactly what you did I thought it was all role playing then she said she was 15 and the next day her "angry dad" calls saying he's going to press charges if I don't send him money to South Carolina because his daughter was caught cutting herself in the bathroom and needs to do counseling classes.I wish these websites provided info about these scams where it can readily be seen, a little blip above your photo on Skype/Craigslist/Tinder that says, "If you show your dick to a stranger they may try to blackmail you." would do.It's amazing, you see this question every day here and the victim is never a woman.I thought we were role playing she sent me a naked pic and I sent one back..then stated she was 15 and had to go because her parents just got home.The next day I get a text from her "dad" saying that he found her phone with explicit pictures and sext.


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