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It’s a narrow, sumptuously appointed space with decor you might find at a boutique hotel: polished wood floors, slate-gray walls with framed mirrors, white leather armchairs, fresh bouquets in cut-glass vases. The treatment room had an oversized massage table covered in crisp linens, muted sconce lighting and a small stereo playing chamber music. The house fee of $80 covered the basics: the table shower and hour massage. There’s a debate as well about whether massage parlors should be a law enforcement priority.

Ran, an employee of Restore NYC, a Manhattan nonprofit that combats sex trafficking, says the businesses can treat women badly.

Erotic lists 29 such establishments in Flushing, though more than that exist, industry sources say.

To be sure, many discourage hanky-panky, offering only typical beauty and health treatments — exfoliation, facials, reflexology, waxing — for women, couples, families.

Claire could make more — as much as $150 per session — if she went further and had sex with her clients. And while most customers shrug it off if she turns them down, some take offense. She slapped him twice in the face and he bolted, fumbling with his clothes as he ran out. A research study last year by the Urban Institute in Washington, DC, found 4,790 erotic massage parlors on just one site, Erotic, which posts addresses and user reviews.

But the encounter left her in tears, shocked at how much her life had changed from her time in China, where she worked for 20 years as an accountant for a respectable business. Approximately 1,200 are open just in New York City (which, by way of comparison, has some 2,500 bars and nightclubs, along with 280 or so Starbucks).At clubs like Tai Huang, Coco and New York Spa & Sauna, a traditional Korean day spa, one can find a better-than-average shiatsu massage for as little as , hot stones included, reviewers say. She said she was from Korea and had been in the US for two years. But it would seem her life revolves around the parlor, where she works seven days a week for three weeks straight. Online reviewers say Tabby and the four other Silk Tigers will engage in just about any illicit act. “They treat you like a god.” It’s that approach that resonates with men who frequent massage parlors, who covet the attention, the pampering, the feeling of being taken in and taken care of.The bargains are partly a result of the inexperience of staff members, who are mostly newcomers learning the craft and speak little English. Andy, a Mandarin translator, learned of the network when he helped a young Chinese couple open their own happy ending parlor. A frequent customer named Bill said he enjoys the air of mystique to the spa experience — whether the massage is sensual or strictly therapeutic. I’ve been offered happy endings and said no, and I’ve asked and been turned down.All of our cosmetics and cosmetic techniques are designed to make masculine features feminine.Your consultant will be personally experienced in cross-dressing, which will make you feel like you belong with us.Some go on to get licensed, which in New York state requires 500 hours of training. The man had come to New York to attend college but grew interested in the business after meeting his girlfriend, who worked as a masseuse and knew several employees in Flushing. Often, he said, he’ll book an appointment not knowing which kind he’ll get. There are some really sketchy-looking places in Chinatown where they absolutely will not touch you.“That’s just what her and her friends all do,” Andy said. Go in the morning, jerk a bunch of dudes off and go home at night.” He found the couple a location near Times Square and within weeks the business was up and running, the girlfriend acting as house “mama-san” and her boyfriend handling the books. And then there was the time I was in Shanghai at a luxury hotel.Making Rain is a memoir of life on the edge of society.Fred Gorski was born into a bohemian community on the outskirts of New York City and developed into a free thinker, cross-dresser, bartender, pagan, and B&D mistress.Cross-dressers, drag-queens, transgender people, and transsexuals are all welcomed! As a guest in Fairplay care, our driver/CD chaperone will bring you to places we patronize and ensure new comfort and security.If you have any questions about the above services, give us a call (718) 816-1318 We’d love to hear from you.


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