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Celebrating together leads to strong communities and positive sense of identity, by adopting, reviving or preserving this heritage we take giant steps towards ensuring the future of the Cornish culture into the 21st Century and beyond.125 pages, illustrated with line drawings and photographs Paperback Edition: £9.99An Joan The Crone The History & Craft of the Cornish Witch The term "An Joan" is the traditional name once applied to a Cornish witch. Jones pieces together a fascinating account of four centuries of the work and reputations of Cornish witches.

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The selection presented here forms a veritable treasure trove of West Country customs, beliefs and magical practices including Witch charms for healing and protection, the casting and countering of curses, love divinations, seasonal superstitions and customs, omens and death tokens, dream interpretation, things lucky and unlucky, evil days of the year, weather lore and ‘wise saws’ and more.

Devon Witchcraft and Folk Ways will be a worthy addition to the bookshelves of those with an interest in regional folk beliefs, customs and magic.


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