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And then out of the blue she asked me how tall I was.

We had already agreed to meet up the next day for drinks.

Demanding that any suitors be taller than 6'3" is a rather limiting request considering the average male height in the US tops out around 5'10".

"It’s mind-boggling," says Gerard, 31, who is 5'10".

I know I have a habit of looking for a pretty face.

I still seek out that someone I “click” with immediately.At the outset, I can understand: women are typically shorter than men; and if a man falls way below that variance it’s fairly easy to deduce he may be seen as less attractive to the general population.Here's a common one: "I like to wear heels, so if you're under (insert desired height) swipe left." And it's not even just requests for guys who are slightly taller -- in some cases it's pushed to the statistical edges of male height.I don’t know about you, but I can think of more than one date I would have pursued harder had I known then what I know now.If it wasn’t having to do with height, it was that I wasn’t sure she was quite feminine enough for me or fun enough or witty enough, or maybe she was a little too young, or she lives a little too far away, or—blah blah blah. Now I’m not here to tell anyone whom to love, be attracted to, or even go out on a first date with. But here’s a woman who obviously thought enough of she had learned about me to agree to go out on a date—but it was my height, and my height alone, that eliminated me from her primary election.Spend any time online dating, and you start to learn things about women. But based on my own struggle to look beyond a certain type, I’d like to suggest something radical: It might be time for women to rethink their priorities in the height department. But I am here to say that if you’ve decided once and for all that you’ll never date a man who isn’t six feet tall, you might just be missing out on the love of your life. I get it—looks certainly do matter in the equation of attraction.She wasn’t my perfect “type” at first glance, and to be honest I wasn’t into her immediately.But she had all the right qualities: warm, fun, bright, loyal, reliable (and on and on).


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