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“That’s hugely important to people.” Though the site is still in the testing phase, Halpern hopes to expand the concept to other communities that are underserved by existing dating apps.

“These niche communities don’t necessarily have apps specifically for them,” she said.

When I built the site back in 2003 and one of the big things he told me was never look at the competition, look at the customers and make sure they’re happy.”Now, he said “we’re getting more activity, more profiles.

I was one of the first members of Frumster back in 2001 and I was so happy with the service I decided to buy it.” he admitted.

The popular Orthodox Jewish dating service, Frumster, will change its name to JWed, according to JWed CEO and primary majority owner, Ben Rabizadeh.

The ongoing name change will be complete in the next few weeks.

Other singles can then browse this information looking for someone that interests them, whom they can then contact through the site to set up an off line date or phone call, kind of like a Jewish personals page.

Other sites act more as matchmaker services and agencies, where people fill out a comprehensive form about themselves which is then looked at by people who work for the service, who then in turn try to match with another member based on the two members' interests and other information.

Ben Rabizadeh was actually one of Frumster’s first users back in 2001.

He loved the site so much that he decided to buy it.


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