Paris hilton dating benji madden

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:) There is an actor that is still working today and will always be a B lister because of his acting talent, although he had a very long absence because of these two incidents.

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Pop Tarts spotted the 27-year-old partying well into the wee hours of Wednesday morning at West Hollywood hotspot Apple, where she laughed and joked with galpals and went wild dancing on the couches.

Benji Madden is doing fine following his split with celebutante Paris Hilton, according to his twin brother and Good Charlotte bandmate, Joel.“He’s a good guy and he’ll be fine and she’ll be fine,” Good Charlotte singer Joel told Billy Bush in a new interview for and “The Billy Bush Show.” “They’ll both be fine. ’ Everyone was kind of like, ‘Oh.’”Joel sat down with Billy on Friday (while his guitar-slinging brother was in the studio), to promote “Greatest Remixes,” mixed up versions of the band’s hottest tracks from over the years, when talk turned to his brother’s recent split.

I don’t think at the end of the day anyone reading it was like ‘Oh my gosh! While Benji has thus far refrained from commenting on the breakup, Joel explained what kind of a boyfriend his sibling can be — and probably was — with Paris.“I think that Benj — he does his best, when he is with someone, to adapt to what they’re into or whatever…

And the Madden brothers posted on their Web site a group picture that included Hilton.

They called it a “nice little family photo” and described her as the “wonderful Paris.” The apparent love connection is certainly convenient: His twin brother, Joel, dates Hilton’s B.


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