Pending setup validating mx record godaddy

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Your hosting provider is where your domain is hosted; your domain name system manager is a third-party domain manager where you might manage your domain settings, such as your DNS servers or MX records.

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If you don’t select these, Send Grid automatically selects them for you.

Make sure the characters you select are different from what Send Grid assigned you initially.

To double-check, I tried sending mail through, the recommended setting for Outlook.

This time I got a different message: Unfortunately, it seems Go Daddy requires that MX records point directly to its servers before it will accept mail for the domain.

For one user, the Mail Foundry Reverse Blacklist (RBL) alone rejects over 2000 emails a month that would otherwise be forwarded to her account.

Transferring the email server to another host shouldn’t be difficult: just set up the new mailboxes and forwarders, then update the Mail Foundry destination to point to the new host.

If the MX records are correct, the message disappears.

If the message remains, the MX records you specified in your hosting provider or domain name system manager may be incorrect.

To test, I changed the Outbound SMTP address on one of my Outlook 2007 accounts to, then I sent emails to the test mailbox and forwarder that I had set up on the Go Daddy server.

In both cases, the emails bounced with this message: Apparently Go Daddy is not accepting mail for the addresses in the “Pending Setup” status.


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