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The easiest way to sync this file between your computers is by dropping it into a cloud storage folder.Place it in your Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, or whatever other cloud storage service you use.For alternative apps and apps for other platforms, browse the list of unofficial Kee Pass ports on the Kee Pass download page.

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Use Kee Fox for Firefox or chrome IPass for Chrome.

Other plugins and third-party applications can be found on Kee Pass’s plugins and extensions page.

Remember that you’re in charge of keeping the changes synced between your devices — if you add new entries on your computer, you’ll have to copy the latest database to your smartphone.

If you change the database on your phone, you’ll have to copy it back to your computer. What it lacks in ease of use compared to a completely integrated solution like Last Pass, it makes up for in flexibility and control.

This should work for many websites, but you may need to tweak the auto-type settings in an account entry’s settings if it doesn’t.

Luckily, third-party browser extensions allow you to directly integrate Kee Pass into your browser.

Next, press Ctrl Alt A, which is the default auto-type keyboard shortcut.

Kee Pass will look at the window’s title, identify the web page you’re on, then send your user name, the tab character, and then your password to the window as keystrokes, effectively automatically filling in this information.

It’s your job to back this database up so you don’t lose it.

It’s also your job to keep it synchronized between multiple computers, assuming you want access to your database across multiple computers.


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