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Some one who sees the twinkle in our eye, your wit and without a doubt intelligence. I use to have the same trouble in my late twenties and felt like I was going to be alone always. The most beautiful came along for me and he saw me for who I was....he didnt care about psoriasis....have a little girl and have been happily married for 6 years. I'm sure you're beautiful and attractive even with psoriasis. Then you can choose whether to tell your dates about it or not because unless you tell them, they'll have no idea.We encourage open conversation within Plaque – it is our goal to create the best and largest online community of experts and patients dedicated exclusively to psoriasis. We realize that discussions around healthcare can be sensitive and sometimes emotional and it is ok if not everyone agrees on a topic, but posts must be respectful and non-threatening.The content of Plaque is intended for users 18 years of age or older. Insecurities about appearance and fear of rejection can get in the way of romance. Your psoriasis may be making it hard to meet new people.SBee nailed it , it's confidence that a guy with a few grey cells goes for , P isn't a factor. I have had scalp psoriasis on and off since I was a teen and it really wasn't an issue.But I am now 37 and have Gutatte Psoriasis from head to toe.Honestly most men don't care and if they do, it's their problem not yours. There's a certain type of person to be avoided, and others to be sought out though some defy their classifications. It isn't that you should avoid relationship, it's that you should avoid relationships with certain types of people. Maybe that has nothing to do with psoriasis, but the same applies to psoriasis. My current boyfriend, not only wants to help me find what works for me, but has gone out of his way to order soaps and other things for me to try.I feel that if someone can't except that you have psoriasis then they are definitely not the right mate for you. Please write on a piece of paper - I am wonderful and pretty. Bright Blessings I was worried about this for years, and sometimes still do...You are not your skin honey, you are bigger than it and you have a unique something to offer the world and I promise youre future man is not that far away...until he finds you, let go, stop fighting your skin and love yourself for everything else you are..... I've never been very good with choice 1, it's very hard. When my psoriasis flared, I became my dermatologist's best friend until he got it under control.


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